Let me start off by introducing myself – My name is Vera. Pronounced Veera, but written as Vera. (blame my parents for this confusing choice.

I am living in the heart of Helsinki and working as an entrepreneur in the field of photography, content creation & digital marketing.

Inspired by all things beautiful, obsessive with to-do-lists and organizing, super easygoing, infinite capacity for dreaming and planning – these are just few ways of describing myself.

I consider myself as an honest & kind person – this reflects my everyday interaction and customer service as well. Read more about how I fell in love with photography and my values from below.


How did it all get started?

I held a camera in my hands for the first time when I was about 12-years old. My mother has told me in my older years how she had wondered one day, where I had gone. After going around the yard, she found me sitting in front of our house’s spout taking pictures of the water drops dribbling from the roof with my Nikon D40.  I had been sitting there for a while – trying to capture the perfect drip.

Needles to day, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been enthralled by the magic of photography. There’s something about the art of capturing a moment in time, freezing it forever in a single image. Single moment to remember.

As I grew,  my passion for all things visual only grew stronger. I found myself writing fictional stories based on games and movies I had seen, writing scripts and directing short movies based on those with my friends, drawing & painting – and of course continuing photographing. Sincerest apologies to my sister, who was dragged in front of my camera to model in the weirdest clothes and set-ups. (Though, I know she enjoyed it!)

The strongest memories of my childhood are related to summer vacations either spent travelling with my family & spending time with my closest ones doing all sorts of activities. Summer vacation meant also visiting my grandparents – and dabbling with my grandma’s oil paints. Week would pass by in a blink of an eye, reading books about painting techniques, and receiving priceless advice from my grandma about painting, on the side of eating over sixty plums from their precious plum tree. Let’s not talk about what happened after that.

Through the years, I’ve improved my visual eye in working projects requiring creativity – whether in my personal or working life. I love seeing my hand print in anything I create, whether I’m planning the catering menu’s visualization or capturing the serenity of a quiet sunset on my evening walk around Katajanokka, I’m always seeking to create images that tell a story and evoke emotion.

As a person, I consider myself as thoughtful, warm hearted & honest (honestly, I’m unable to lie). In my free time you can see me photographing, being active, trying my spouse’s experimental cooking or enjoying a cup of coffee in the center of Helsinki admiring the hustle and bustle of our lovely capital city.

You can read more about my work history in the Hospitality industry from my Resume below. One of the most difficult, yet at the same time one of the easiest decisions in my life was in the spring of 2023 when I decided to hop from hotel operations & management into digital marketing & content creation, as a starting entrepreneur.

The rest is history, yet one of the greatest decisions of all time.

Enough about me, I’m more interested in hearing about you &
how we could create something beautiful together.

The purpose

Life is full of moments passing by in a blink of an eye. My mission is to capture moments that tell your stories & will last a lifetime.

I love what I do and I’ve always done more than expected. I take great pride in the quality of my service and communication. We are not alone – I’m here to help you reach your goals. My clients happiness is my happiness.

The promise

I want to create a working space, where we cherish the core values of creativity, authenticity, partnership, and passion.

With fostering an environment where creative thinking is encouraged, everyone gets to be their authentic selves, strong partnerships are being appreciated and work is done with deep passion.

My values



I value creative approach to all content created. I strive to capture and create visuals that are unique, inspiring, and impactful.



I believe in creating content that is authentic and honest, capturing the essence of the moment. My aim is to tell the story in a way that reflects the core values of my client.



I approach each customer as a unique partnership, striving to achieve their goals. I value warm communication, feedback & continuous improvement.



I love what I do. Because of this I do everything with passion and dedication. My aim is always to deliver the best possible outcome.