Life is full of moments passing by in a blink of an eye

Let’s capture them together.

About Me

Hi, My Name is Vera

Happy to see you here & hope you’re well.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I’ve always been drawn to the power of images telling stories and seizing emotions. Nowadays I’m blessed to do this as a profession.

I am living in the heart of Helsinki and working as an entrepreneur in the field of photography, content creation & digital marketing.

Through my pictures, I hope to share the love of capturing the beauty and diversity in the world around me. I’m honored to introduce me & my work to you.

Treat yourself to a solo photo session that’s all about showcasing you in your own personal style. Whether it’s for a simple portrait or series of photos, I’m here to customize the shoot to meet your specific needs.

A family or friends photo session is an opportunity to capture special moments and create lasting memories with your loved ones. You can choose the location, outfits, and props that reflect your group’s personal style.


Let’s create something beautiful together

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your thoughts and enquiries.